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The Lonely Places

and their new E.P.


Released July 11, 2010


Plopped out, less than an hour from the border, near a greyhound station on Tucson's south side, J.David Smith stubbornly trudged his way through the dusty towns and barrios of the southwest, eventually finding his way to Texas, where he met Mr. Chad J. Walls, who introduced him to a cadre of musical types. Together forging a sound not unlike music, they endeavored to little avail to share with others the noises they made. Years later we have before us the fruits of their labor. Influenced by the likes of John Cale & Brian Eno, and the literature of Burroughs & Gysin, this group aims not to disappoint. Besides Mr. Walls and Mr. Smith, the group has had a lot of personnel over the years who are much appreciated but too numerous to name. So to conclude this little introduction the band asked me to thank you in advance for listening to the new record and to say that they sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Have a great day!

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